The Christ Has Returned - Exactly as Prophesied - Lord RayEl

The Returned Christ, Lord Ra-El (RayEl), The Messiah, Yeshua to the Jews, Isa to the Muslims, and Jesus to the Christians.

Rev 19:12 And his eyes were as a flame of fire: and on his head were many diadems. And he had a name written, which no man knoweth but himself. 

Rev 19:13 And he was clothed with a garment sprinkled with blood. And his name is called: THE WORD OF GOD.  

Ra = Word,  El = God. 


1917/18 -- Light Horse charge Beersheba, Turks lose control of Jerusalem, British Government votes for 

independent State of Israel.

1967/68 -- 6 Day War of Israel, Birth of The Messiah – Lord Ra-El (RayEl), largest widespread earthquake felt

across the USA occurs. Blood Moon Tetrad.

2017/18 -- The Day of The Lord, Lord RayEl’s Jubilee Year, Completion of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuels 

prophecy of the 10 Jubilees.

Judean, Islamic and Christian prophecies of the End Times are being fulfilled, events of 2011 – 2016:

January 2011 – Jerusalem UFO event filmed by numerous eye witnesses, Holy Spirit descends over Temple Mount, travels from East to West like lightning, joining to the son of man.

March 2011 - Tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.0 EarthQuake, Fukushima disaster.

May 2011 - Lord RayEl makes His first address to the world, the teaching and chastisement period begins.

October 2012 – Superstorm Sandy strikes America.

March 2013 - Last Pope elected, according to the St Malachi Prophecy.

December 2013 - Glacial Torah Code prophecy fulfilled.

January 2014 – Ariel Sharon dies, Messianic prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri.

April 2014 - First of the Blood Moon Tetrad.

September 2015 - Last of the Blood Moon Tetrad.

October 2016 - End of the Biblical year 5776 and start of the year 5777 - Completion.

Important discoveries within the ancient Torah Codes


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Initially discovered by Professor Rips, absolute mathematical proof of the "God Codes" with the Father confirming the Son, found in the book of Genesis. No Torah Code Researcher can dispute this finding.

GOD CODER ELOHIM TRUTH. (Odds of over 1 in 12 Million)

ABIHAIL - Father of Might.

FATHER R.LEAR SON - The Messiah would return via R.Lear, anointed by the Father.

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This is the all in One Code that confirms when Yeshua returns (January), 

into which Host He returns (Raymond Elwood Lear),

 How He returns (like lightning from East to West) 

and scripture confirmation of where He returns (Countries of the Eagles)

Matthew 24:27
"For just as lightning goes out from The East and appears unto The West, 
so will the coming of The Son of Man be. 28 Wherever the body will be, there will the eagles be gathered."

 As most of you know, Raymond Elwood Lear was falsely imprisoned (Matthew 25:36), and was removed from the United States to the "International Zone" between El Paso Texas and Ciudad Juárez Mexico. Since this is a region shared by both countries, and both countries use the "eagle" as their symbol, it symbolically is where "the eagles be gathered" (Matthew 24:28).

When his Holy Spirit descended from the clouds in the Middle East (Jerusalem), it entered our realm with a flash like lightning, and instantly traveled to the West (U.S./Mexico International Zone), to join with the Son of Man, RayEl. 

  "From January"